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Wonbin Last Appearance with FT Island


when i saw this news on the other site, im feel so happy..because i think he’s back to ft island.

but..that’s wrong..he has his last appearance with ft island in tokyo,japan on ‘ FT Island Mini Live & Fan Meeting 2009 ‘, on 10th.

he sang ‘ a song for you ‘ and want to perform his ft island’s favourite song ‘ ma joong ‘.

many of fans was teared up, because he said “I’m so sorry. I am so sorry for not being able to be with my FT Island members and with you fans.But today, I had wanted to see you ‘Primadonna’ so I came to Japan with FT Island. This is my decision after I had thought through a lot and after having to talked through it with other members. There has been rumours that my relationship with the new member being on bad terms, but they are not true.”

the leader Choi Jong Hoon also full of tears. 😥


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