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Without Love , days are sad day,
Moan day,
Tears day and Waste day.
So be in love everyday…
Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.


i like the dress..white and sweet ^_^

and i like honey dance too..like take some honey with pinkie..

credit : codeanalysis@youtube



my favorite korean celebs was here..in jakarta..stay for 1 week..and yesterday night they arrived at 20.30 pm ( jakarta time )

i really want to pick him up, but no one can go with me. and my mother not give me her permission..so sad ~_~

but..me n my friend have a plan to meet him. we must find the information about him in jakarta.

i hope i can meet him before he return back to korea..

Junki oppa.. nal gidaryeo~!



when i saw this news on the other site, im feel so happy..because i think he’s back to ft island.

but..that’s wrong..he has his last appearance with ft island in tokyo,japan on ‘ FT Island Mini Live & Fan Meeting 2009 ‘, on 10th.

he sang ‘ a song for you ‘ and want to perform his ft island’s favourite song ‘ ma joong ‘.

many of fans was teared up, because he said “I’m so sorry. I am so sorry for not being able to be with my FT Island members and with you fans.But today, I had wanted to see you ‘Primadonna’ so I came to Japan with FT Island. This is my decision after I had thought through a lot and after having to talked through it with other members. There has been rumours that my relationship with the new member being on bad terms, but they are not true.”

the leader Choi Jong Hoon also full of tears. 😥


kara1The cute girlgroup “KARA” released their new song “Honey” , after they successed with “Pretty Girl”.

This new song is more interesting than “Pretty Girl”..especially for rap part and reff..


They will comeback on KBS Music Bank on 13th february.

They release special mini album too. it including 4 songs..(sorry..if wrong)

1. Honey > Honey

2. My Darling > My Darling

3. Yodel Lehee

4. I Am > I Am

CR : missingjaejae_cassii@4shared + alshinlove2@youtube

FT Island

FT Island

F&C Music ( FT island’s management ) want to release FT Island new songs online, tp prevent illegal downloads.

F&C Music, revealed on the 10th, ” Since the release of their title song MV “Bad Woman” on the 9th, many illegal song downloads were found in minihompies, blogs, etc. In order to stop the illegal downloads of their song, we have decided to bring forward the online release of the title song mp3 to 13th February.”

FT Island’s mini album will have 6 songs. One of the song is ” Bad Woman “. It will be release on 13th february.


Hello beautiful world ~!


this is my first blog..and for the truth..im not understand about blog..kkk

but..i’ll but some books for teach me about blog..and maybe someone can teach me..^^


how r u everyone ?

im fine here..and feel so bored..maybe bcuz there’s no one in my home..just me..

and im confused..dunno what to do..

i love brown eyes song ” kajima..kajima”..i wrote this..and listen that song..

it’s the real me..that i’ll leave it all behind..maybe for one year..two years..three years..or maybe forever..

soooo sad..i’ll leave my family who always help and support me everytime..

i’ll leave my friends who always make me laugh with their jokes..and i’ll leave my “oppa”..he’s the kindest guy that i ever know..

goodbye my family~!

goobye my friends~! and..

goodbye oppa~!

hope we can meet next time.. (~^_^~)